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What we do

Build business based on sustainable agricultural resources. 

Bringing New Life

The Niulife Foundation helps bring ‘new life’ to coconut communities by building businesses based on sustainable agricultural resources. We listen to the needs of the people in these places and respect their cultures.

Our aim is to build businesses that operate where people live. That is, in the village to minimise migration and avoid urban drift, employ people fairly, and develop social capital in a sustainable way. 

2-WHAT-2-Our_First_Project_Dryer - CTC -

Coconut Technology Centre

Our first project was the construction of the Coconut Technology Centre (CTC) facility which included a DME® VCO processing unit. The goal of the CTC was and is to promote a core of best practice for village-scale, coconut-processing technologies. The CTC trains new and existing DME® Virgin Coconut Oil producers in improved management and includes basic business principles, book-keeping, hygiene, livestock and coconut nursery management.


Read more about CTC project here.


Salvage Value

In August 2017 we started background research and development on methods to convert dead palms into craft products, charcoal and biochar, and on 1 March 2019, the Niulife Foundation signed an agreement with the Australian government. This innovative project seeks to gain ‘Salvage Value’ from the biosecurity crisis around Honiara in the Solomon Islands where thousands of coconut palms have been killed by an invasive species of the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle.

Read more about the
Salvage Value project here.

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